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UCL Medical School Open Day!

Open Day1The first of the 2016 UCL Open Days were held on Friday 17th and Saturday 18th June. As you may have seen, the vast amounts of UCL Medical School rock that are lingering in Deborah’s office are evidence of the fact that we were aiming for the best Open Day ever!

We took over the entire North Cloisters and adorned it with UCLMS promotional material including bunting, posters, pens, post-its, sweets and badges. We had stands for admissions, RUMS, “talk to a medical student,” electives and the MBPhD programme. The most successful area was the clinical skills demonstration that was held in the Haldane Room. At one point there was a queue outside of the cloisters to get in! Students demonstrated skills such as airway management, basic life support, blood pressure measurement and examinations using mannequins. The students (and the parents) really enjoyed seeing the teaching activities that go on at medical school!

Deborah Gill, Sarah Bennett and Alex Maidwell-Smith (RUMS President) Open Day2gave a number of admissions talks in an enormous lecture hall in Friends House over the course of the day. At its capacity, there were 900 students and family members listening to our talk which was quite incredible!

We had some amazing student helpers who were fantastic ambassadors for the Medical School and as a result of all our marketing, I am now awaiting hundreds more applicants in October!

Thanks must go to all of those staff and students who took part in the Open day and made it as wonderful as it was. The final Open Day of the year is on Saturday 10th September and if you would like to join in the fun, then please do get in contact!

Dr Sarah Bennett, Admissions Tutor



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