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Awards and achievements

Top Teachers and Administrators Awards

Throughout the course of the year, via the SEQs, students can nominate teachers and administrators who have been particularly helpful or inspiring to them during their studies. The 2015-16 winners list is hot off the press and includes plenty of UCLMS staff…


  • Dr Nicholas Herodotou (Year 1, Foundations of Health and Medical Practice)
  • Ms Tina  Nyazika  (Year 4 IOM)
  • Mrs Catherine Phillips (Year 4 IOM)
  • Dr Jonathan Cartledge (Year 5 Module A)
  • Miss Melissa Whitten(Year 5 Module A)
  • Dr Jayne Kavanagh (Year 1 SSC and CPP)
  • Mrs Deirdre Wallace (Year 1 SSC)
  • Dr Nadir Chowdhury  (CPP)
  • Mr Khalil Rawat (CPP)
  • Dr Susan Snoxall (CPP)
  • Dr Julie Andrews (Year 4 Module C)
  • Miss Eibhlin Mullarney (Top Administrator)
  • Miss Sarah Smith (Top Administrator)bestteacherever-200x200
  • Miss Stephanie Woods (Top Administrator)


The full list (and more info on the award scheme) can be found on the Quality Assurance website.




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