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Research in UCLMS – a new name and plenty of projects!

The new Research Department of Medical Education was launched in June 2016 and replaces the Academic Centre for Medical Education (ACME). The department’s vision is specifically to initiate and build a productive and sustainable research department that is recognised nationally and internationally for its high standards of innovation and development in medical education research.

The Research Department of Medical Education aims to:

  • contribute to the wider research environment nationally and internationally;
  • advance the impact agenda;
  • disseminate research findings to the academic world and beyond
  • generate income for the Division through bids for project work and consultancy roles.

The department has established a successful track record in bidding for external project funding from a range of local and national sponsors. Outputs include reports to stakeholders and policymakers, presentation of project findings at national and international conferences, and dissemination through publications in peer-reviewed journals.

Ensuring that our research makes a difference is a key part of the Department’s ethos and research strategy. Our work on selection, postgraduate clinical assessment, widening participation, revalidation, differential attainment, and equality has garnered acclaim outside of academia and continues to instruct social policy and change management.

Some recent and ongoing projects are:


A project funded by NHS England researching independent verification visits, Responsible Officer and locum agencies. Due to finish this summer.

Fitness to Practise

Funded by the General Medical Council, this project looks into the fairness of decisions to refer doctors to the MPTS Interim orders Panel

Attainment in Postgraduate Medical Education

Investigating fair training pathways for all. Dr Woolf’s report has recently been published by the GMC and you can read more on that here.

Programme for Integrated Child Health

This is an evaluation of the London School of Paediatrics programme aimed at senior paediatric and general practice trainees and is funded by Health Education England.


For more information on our work and team of industrious researchers contact Ann Griffin or Kath Woolf

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