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Awards and achievements, MSEC

Prof Deborah Gill IS the Spirit of Enterprise!

The consultancy and knowledge transfer work of the Division is one of the many assets of the Medical School, and was recently recognised by the wider UCL community in a ceremony held on the Bloomsbury campus on 9 June 2016. UCL Provost, Professor Michael Arthur presented a variety of awards on the evening including the UCL Provost’s Spirit of Enterprise Award, which was won by our very own Director, Professor Deborah Gill, who has been instrumental in establishing and expanding MSEC within the Medical School.

“Deborah Gill exemplifies entrepreneurial spirit at UCL, showing how UCL can apply its knowledge for wider benefit. She has ensured that the consultancy focuses on partnerships that allow the Medical School to share its expertise with medical educators globally, as seen in the agreement UCL signed recently with the New Giza University (NGU) in Egypt,”

Dr Celia Caulcott, Vice Provost (Enterprise).


SpiritAnd in the words of one of the MSEC team:

“In a room packed full of bright minds,  bright ideas and enough wine to stretch smiles to the end of the night the crowd hushed as Provost Michael Arthur slowly opened the envelope that would reveal the winner of this years  ‘Provost’s Spirit of Enterprise Award’.

Standing towards the back of the room with her team Professor Deborah Gill prepared herself for every outcome. This writer, a member of that team, felt the ripple of an Oscar like moment.  Time slowed, the Provost smiled, ‘wonderful’ he said and looked towards Professor Gill.

As the clapping (and whooping from her enthusiastic and loyal team) subsided Deborah immediately thanked her team, however there is no doubt that it has been her own drive and determination that has been the lynchpin to the unit’s success.

Since MSEC’s inception Deborah has continually championed and propelled the unit forward.

MSEC spirit team

Some of the MSEC team with the winner! Photos taken by Kirsten Holst.

Encouraging MSEC to be ‘everybody’s business’ within the Medical School has been key to its increased success and has helped to increase its international reach, influence to improve medical education and healthcare and in doing so generated a sizeable financial return for the division, faculty and institution as a whole.

We are all very proud of Deborah and in turn the night of celebration was finished by her saying how proud she was of everybody at the Medical School.”

John-george Nicholson, MSEC Business Manager



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