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Clinical Teaching Fellows update

5TiME conference 2016

The CTFs held our annual Trainees in Medical Education conference where we broached the topic of whether ‘Medical Education is the new speciality?’ Alongside diverse plenaries and workshops, we had an overwhelming selection of posters to display current medical education projects. The conference was very well received and it was encouraging to see such enthusiastic trainees enjoying and wanting to learn more about embarking on a career in medical education. They may well be the CTFs of tomorrow!


CTFs moving on…

As you may be aware, several of our CTFs are leaving us soon.

Rumana Lasker (North Middlesex CTF), Nimesh Shah (Year 1-3 CTF), Meg Griffiths (CPP CTF) and Nadir Chowdhury (Clinical Skills CTF) left on 2nd August to rejoin the clinical world to continue their training in a variety of different specialties. Paul McGovern (MSEC CTF) and Sarah Needleman (PG CTF) will also be leaving at the end of August to go back to their training too.

They have all been fantastic fellows and we would like to thank them for their hard work and wish them well in their new jobs. As everyone knows, once you have been a UCL CTF… you will always be a UCL CTF and so I am sure we will see them back sometime in the future.

However, this won’t leave the CTF group deplete. We have new CTFs starting! Doug McKechnie (new 1-3 CTF) and Naomi Gostelow (new CPP CTF) will be starting on 8th August and Ahmed Rashid (new MSEC CTF) will be starting on 5th September. Natasha Malik also returned from maternity leave on 1st August to rejoin the PG team.

Find out more about CTFs in the Medical School on our webpage.



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