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SSC Student presents on Child Protection education

By Arya Nousheh-Moore

AryaIn my final year ‘Student Selected Component’, I furthered my learning of Child Protection and Safeguarding at the North Middlesex and Whittington Hospitals.

During this time, I created two interactive educational presentations, which guide students through questions based on various Child Protection scenarios. I am very happy that these are now being utilised as Moodle ‘Case of the Month’ learning exercises, as part of the year 5 paediatrics module.

I found creating these educational tools was in itself an excellent learning process. As such, I was looking forward to encouraging others to do the same at UCL’s Teaching and Learning Conference. My presentation: ‘Enabling students to utilise case studies to create peer-to-peer educational tools’, explains the process used to create these learning exercises. Hopefully this will help students from across different faculties contribute to their own course in a similar fashion.

I have to thank both Dr Gayle Hann and Dr Caroline Fertleman for supervising me through the process of creating the learning tools and the submitting the presentation to the Teaching and Learning Conference as well.

Arya Nousheh-Moore, MBBS Year 5

Dr Gayle Hann, Consultant Paediatrician, North Middlesex NHS Trust

Dr Caroline Fertleman, Consultant Paediatrician, Site Sub Dean, Whittington Health




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