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Monday Mixers

The Monday Mixers are new social events that have been running throughout this academic year for MBBS first year students.

Students have expressed that it is easy to feel like one amongst many and that there is a need for more engagement between students and faculty, particularly in the early years of the MBBS programme. Our aim is provide the students with a sense of community and belonging within the MBBS course from the very first year. We felt it was important that students can see how involved and engaged senior academic staff are in their degree. Out of this the Monday Mixers were born!

UCLMS and RUMS has worked together to provide a coffee-chat-photoseries of social events that allow staff and students to come together in a relaxed way over some drinks and snacks. This also provides an opportunity for students to discuss how they are finding the course; the positives and more importantly the negatives. These events have allowed students the opportunity to talk about what they feel could be done better at UCLMS directly to their module leads, year leads and the Director of the Medical School.

So far there have been 4 successful events to date with students and staff enjoying the opportunity to meet each other on a more personal level!

After a strong start this year we hope to build on this to provide more events for the future first years!



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