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Double success for Year 2 student Daniyal

KRUK Award

Kidney Research UK operates an annual competition for intercalated degrees for medical students. Daniyal JafreeAround 15 students in the UK are selected for the award. Year 2 medical student Daniyal Jalil Jafree was awarded on the basis of the project proposal: “Origin of Renal Tract Abnormalities in Spina Bifida”, supervised by Professor Andrew Copp and Dr Paul Winyard at the Institute of Child Health. The project is using a mouse model of spina bifida to determine whether the urological consequences of this neural tube defect occur in the fetus, when these consequences occur and their characteristics. This is particularly relevant considering the introduction of fetal surgery to Great Ormond Street in late 2015, as earlier intervention may preserve urological function in children with spina bifida.

Zurich Biology Undergraduate Summer School

The Zurich International Biology Undergraduate Summer School is currently in its 10th year of running. The programme is open for application to any undergraduate student in the world undertaking a BSc in the Life Sciences. This year, approximately 700 Life Sciences students from around the world applied for 20 places.  It is run in the laboratories of The University of Zurich and The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich. The 9-week programme this Summer 2015 consists of a series of research seminars, tutorials in writing scientific papers and presentation and journal clubs. Students are also allocated to laboratories and supervisors within the life sciences to undertake a research project over the 9-week period.  Daniyal has been allocated a project investigating the  the carbohydrate metabolism of intestinal bacteria and the significance of carbohydrate epitopes on such intestinal bacteria in the stimulation of immune cells.



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