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Show & Tell: Behind the Scenes at UCLMS

PPI1The first Patient and Public Involvement Group event took place on Wednesday 22nd April.

We invited 15 members of public and 15 students along to the Clinical Skills Centre. The session was split in two:

In the first half, our students showed the public what goes into making tomorrow’s doctors through OSCE style demonstrations. The public shared their ideas and experiences of healthcare whilst learning how to interview candidates for medical school, wash their hands, take blood, suture, deliver babies and perform CPR!

The second part of our innovative session involved award winning comic strip artist Emily Haworth-Booth extracting everyone’s hidden artistic side. She invited students and the public to reflect on their side of the medical consulting table and devise collaborative artwork.

PPI4This would not have been complete without a show-stopping cake!

It was great fun and we hope to continue the project and create some complete comic strip artwork. It is also hoped that we can continue to work collaboratively with the public to help ensure that we keep medical education on the right track.


Comments from participating students:PPI3

“I learned how much we can learn from each other “

“How generous the visitors were to give up their time”

“Wonderful for us to teach and learn simultaneously”

“The drawing was amazingly therapeutic”

 Comments from participating members of the public:

How amazing these students are”

“Excellent – enjoyed every minute (& the cake)

“Got a good understanding or what is taught here at UCL”

 And  final comment :

I soooo enjoyed the whole thing…. felt completely involved from the start. Loved the demonstrations too….especially the giving birth one…!!! as a life-long gay man, it was very eye opening..lol!! And the drawing was very revealing. Really look forward to helping out again, if you want me to. Just let know.”

PPI2Our next steps are  further workshops to finish our comics with a view to an exhibition and a booklet. We will be recruiting Student PPI Champions who will be helping organise bi-annual “behind the scenes” events, and we plan  to establish a public and patient panel to help use design and develop our person-centred curriculum.

Anita Berlin, Irene Gafson, Helen Nolan and the MBBS PPI Group



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