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UCLMS Christmas Quiz Night 2014

The third annual UCLMS Christmas Quiz took place on 18th December and, as expected, was a night of chaos, heckling and fun. After a post-quiz recount the winners were finally announced as the Yellow Team – so congratulations Steve Malone, Helen NolanGaynor Jones, Lisa Doyle, Khalil RawatMike Gilbey, Carolyn Cohen, Cassie Xu and Christina Zhou! There were some challenging rounds including Guess the Hat with Dr Will Coppola and an encyclopaedic knowledge of European festive cakes was needed for another round, but the Yellow Team proved they know the stuff that really matters in life and sailed to victory.

PicMonkey CollageThe full list of winners in order is:

1st: The Yellow Team

2nd: Blue Baubles

3rd: One Dissection

4th: I’m Greening of a White Christmas

5th: Purple Smarty Pints

6th: Red or Dead

7th: It’ll be all White on the Night

8th: Pink Panthers



Special thanks to our brilliant and hilarious Quizmaster General, Dr Will Coppola and his helpers, Deanne Attreed and Jelena Baburina. We are looking forward to Christmas 2015 already!




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