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UCL Medical School and the Research Excellence Framework (REF 2014)

UCL Medical School (UCLMS) is probably best known for its highly acclaimed undergraduateREF2014-logo-214x140 MBBS programme. However, the work of the medical school includes many other activities. This includes postgraduate medical education (PGME) which covers CPD, postgraduate taught programmes, including the tremendously popular MSc in medical education, and the Medical School Education Consultancy (MSEC).

We also have an Academic Centre for Medical Education (ACME), which is our research unit. For the first time ever ACME at UCLMS submitted for an independent assessment of the quality and impact of its medical education research. According to the review, our research has significant impact at the national and international level, 80% of our impact was assessed as the top scoring 4 and 3* catagory.  Our case study on ethnic minority underperformance was deemed ‘outstanding’ (for links to our case studies see links below). Our publications were also rated well with 41.4% of our outputs were graded 4 or 3*and it was noted that there was a strong and coherent specialist focus and we were commended on the dissemination of our research and sharing knowledge via MSEC.

We ranked 42nd out of 76 institutions who returned in education return – not bad as first go and from a standing start two years ago. We still have some work to do to compare more favourably with UCL as a whole, which had an outstanding success. We will build our capacity and further the quality of our publication and we will get there!



Target Medicine: inspiring and supporting applications to medical schools from non-selective state school students

Using evidence of black and minority ethnic underperformance to improve transparency, fairness and standards in medical examinations


Dr Ann GriffinDr Ann Griffin

Deputy Director and Postgraduate & Scholarships Lead, UCLMS



One thought on “UCL Medical School and the Research Excellence Framework (REF 2014)

  1. Well done! Were you the only med ed unit in the UK to submit?

    Posted by Anne Marie Cunningham | February 7, 2015, 6:26 pm

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