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Spotlight – Lisa Doyle

GMC Projects Events Administrator

Royal Free campus

Lisa DoyleTell me about your role My role is to organise and run pilot exams for the GMC project. I have to recruit volunteer doctors to assess and validate questions & OSCE stations before they can be used in tests of competence for poorly performing doctors under investigation by the GMC. Our unit then process the results to provide feedback to volunteers and the GMC. So I organise these events, as well as question writing and standard setting sessions.

What’s your favourite part of your role? Actually running the pilot days, it’s nice to get out of the office and meet the doctors although they can be stressful days but I seem to thrive on being under pressure!!

What do you find challenging in your role? Trying to recruit volunteer doctors to attend pilots, especially more senior doctors.  Not many people like taking exams and they also get worried that if they perform badly they may be reported to the GMC; however we try to explain to them that they have the same chance of being reported taking the exam as they do every day when they are working with patients.

What did you do before coming to UCL? What’s your work history? I studied psychology and sociology at university and then saved up to travel the world. While in Melbourne I met my now fiancé Brendan and went on to live in Australia for 3 years working for the RACGP, firstly in the enrolment department for the College exams and then I administered a bridging program to help international medical graduates get Australian medical registration.  I moved back to London 3 years ago and got a job working in Customer Services for a financial training company, I then got this job in UCL.

What was your favourite subject at school? I loved music.  We had such great fun in our music lessons – we made up a little band called The Kestrels and would write songs together.  I was in the Choir and got to sing with the English National Opera. I still enjoy playing the guitar and love a singsong!

What would your ideal job be (if money was no object) I would love to volunteer for a cancer charity, organise events to raise money and offer support to cancer patients and their families. It would be so rewarding.

What do you like to do outside of work? I like entertaining and having people over for dinner which we do most weekends.  I have also recently got back into going to the gym.  I am training to climb Ben Nevis on 20th September 2014 for Marie Curie Care (you can still donate) so have been attending lots of spin classes and doing lots of hill walking!!

Where is your favourite place to eat / drink / walk in London? My favourite place to eat is a little Japanese & Korean restaurant called Dtori in Finsbury Park.  It’s so hard to get a table there but the food is delicious.  I think my favourite place to have a drink is in my Dad’s local pub The Park Tavern in Finsbury Park.  I love going in there and seeing familiar faces. I love walking along the Southbank in London, there are always things going on and I think everything looks amazing along the river when the sun is shining!

What 3 things would you take to a desert island? A photo of my family, Brendan my fiancé and my glasses (can’t really see without them!)

Do you have a nickname? Miss Doyal & Rosie!




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