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UCL Medical School welcomes second Ningbo cohort

In March, we welcomed our second cohort of Ningbo University doctors. Ningbo2 cultural awareness Mar-14The main purpose of their visit is to observe medical education in action. This means seeing medical education in its different guises from lecture theatres and seminar rooms, through to the juggling of curriculum planning that takes place in hidden away offices, as well as the crucial hands-on patient work undertaken in our hospitals.  The Whittington Hospital and a selection of UCLH Hospitals are central to the effort in allowing our Chinese colleagues to observe clinical practice here in London.

The new cohort are also working closely with UCL’s Centre for Languages and International Education to develop their language skills and this is already proving to be a very successful element of the programme.

It was sad to say goodbye to our first cohort of Ningbo doctors who left us in January, but it was wonderful to see how much progress they had made while they were with us. Deanne Attreed will be visiting Ningbo University next month and will be catching up with the first cohort to see how they are progressing back in China.

Leaving party for the first cohort at Prof Dacre's house

Leaving party for the first cohort at Prof Dacre’s house

For those of us who have been coordinating the Ningbo programme we would like to say a huge thank you to everybody who has supported the programme from across the Medical School and beyond. Not only has it been wonderful to see the development of the Ningbo doctors, but it has also been great to see how the programme itself has developed and this has only been possible by the efforts of those people who have been involved in the programme. Some of the tasks have included delivered teaching sessions, acting as mentors, hunting down clinical and firm attachments, booking rooms, providing presentation feedback and running round London looking for 16 red London bus key rings. It all counts and we’re thankful.

This programme will not only benefit the visiting 16 doctors, but will also have a ripple effect that will reach their colleagues back in Ningbo, their current and future students and ultimately the communities they serve.

This continues to be an exciting initiative and we hope to continue learning from our visitors and enhancing the programme.


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