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New staff

UCLMS new starters

You may see a few new faces around the Medical School. Please join us in welcoming them.


Andy HoughtonAndy Houghton

Assistant Administrator, MBBS Year 1&2 (Bloomsbury campus)

My role is mainly organising assessments for Years 1 and 2, as well as the SSCs (Student Selected Components) and the Introduction and Orientation Module for Year 2 students who are going into Year 3. I work with Carol Fargsuon, Patrizia Hill and Fahmina Begum at 74 Huntley St.

Before coming to UCL I was a personal trainer and also worked at the Royal College of Physicians among other places.


You can read more about Andy in his Spotlight interview.


Kate StoneKate Stone

Foundation School Administrator (Royal Free campus)

Kate Stone is the Administrator for the North Central Thames Foundation School. She is the main point of contact for general information about the Foundation School. She will be charge of provisional and full GMC registration for UCL students, the Transfer of Information process and the Situational Judgement Tests run at UCL.

Kate previously worked as the Medical Education Administrator at the Royal Free hospital looking after the foundation doctors working there. This role involved planning doctors inductions, coordinating foundation teaching and being the main point of contact for medical education.


Hannah GolecHannah Golec

MBBS Liaison and Project Officer (Royal Free campus)

I currently develop and manage projects relating to the enhancement of undergraduate medical education at the Royal Free Campus. Working to the direction of the Site Sub Dean, my responsibilities include developing the collaboration between UCL Medical School and the Royal Free Trust, ensuring the provision of Trust facilities, structuring the process for the distribution of the Undergraduate Medical Tariff to specialities and the continual review and evaluation of the quality of undergraduate education delivered in the MBBS programme.


Tereze Bogdanova

Administrator & Data Manager, NCTFS (Royal Free campus)

I am the Administrator and Data Manager for the North Central Thames Foundation School (NCTFS). My main responsibility is to maintain and oversee database of applicants and appointments managed by the Foundation School. I also liaise with external institutions, e.g. Shared Services of the Local Education and Training Board (LETB) and with 9 NHS Trusts linked to our school.


Marianne SimmondsMarianne Simmonds

MBBS Placements Administrator (Royal Free campus)

I administer the Year 4 Neurology and Year 5 Child and Family Health placements at the Royal Free. Prior to UCL, I worked for five years at the British Medical Association (BMA), with its General Practitioners Committee and then Medical Academic Staff Committee, which supports doctors working in universities and research organisations. Before the BMA, I was a Public Relations Officer/Research Assistant for a Wolverhampton domestic violence charity.


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