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ClinicalKey trial

UCL has a trial to ClinicalKey until 1st August 2014


ClinicalKey brings together much of Elsevier’s published medical and surgical content in one resource, giving access to over 1000 e-books, treatment monographs, systematic reviews, and over 13,000 videos and millions of images. Clinical Key also includes over 500 e-journals, although most e-journals are already accessible via UCL’s subscriptions. Content is updated daily.

Clinical Key


The ClinicalKey content can be searched alongside Medline and ClinicalTrials.gov records through a simple Google-like interface. Many searches produce thousands of results in text, image or video format. Guidelines, procedures videos, point-of-care information or systematic reviews are often brought to the top of the results. The resource allows users to search a large number of quality sources for research and teaching purposes.


Select ClinicalKey (under C) at the online Library database to get started. Once logged in, web-based versions of books and journal articles can be accessed without the need for an individual ClinicalKey account. To download PDFs of book chapters (where available) and use features such as the presentation maker functionality, however, you will need to create and use an individual account: on a UCL PC, click register at the top right of the screen, complete details, and then click register.


This individual ClinicalKey account can be used additionally to access the First Consult iPhone/iPad app. First Consult provides quick answers at the point of care. Content in First Consult is subject to oversight by peer reviewers, an editorial board, and physician editors through an editorial process that aims to ensure that the content is current and relevant to practice. The First Consult iPhone App enables access from anywhere – no data connection is required.


For further information please contact Betsy Anagnostelis, Joint Academic Support Manager: Biomedicine, UCL Library Services (ucylbet@ucl.ac.uk).



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