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Be inspired by Nobel Prize winners on new website

The Nobel Prize Inspiration Initiative, a global programme designed to connect Nobel Laureates with students and researchers, has launched a unique collection of videos from Nobel Laureates on a range of insights from the nature of discovery to failed experiments to life after the Nobel Prize.

Targeted particularly at scientists at all different stages of their careers,  the new video collection offers Laureates’ insights as they describe early beginnings in selecting a research field, the creativity and persistence required and the joy of science. Other interesting topics covered range from setbacks and surprises, sources of ideas, work-life balance and the importance of communicating research to the public.

NPII logoProfessor Peter Agre, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, says ” ‘Last summer’s Nobel Prize Inspiration Initiative was immensely gratifying. We enjoyed warm-hearted meetings with Russian students, faculty colleagues, university leaders, and AstraZeneca scientists that were deeply fulfilling. I eagerly look forward to more Initiative events and increased friendship with our Russian counterparts! I urge you to visit the site and enjoy the clips from my trip to Russia and from the other Nobel Prize Inspiration Initiative events!’

Each video is just a minute or two long. Watch Oliver Smithies, Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine, describe to Chinese students why he particularly relishes Saturday morning experiments.

Or Tim Hunt, Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine, as he surprises audiences in Manchester with his ‘lucky break’.

While in India, Peter Doherty, Medicine Laureate, explains what keeps him in science.

There are currently 140 videos arranged into 10 categories and more content will be uploaded from upcoming events so take a look and be inspired to join them!



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