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Swathi Rajagopal, RUMS senior president 2013/2014

RUMS students have settled back into a new and very busy term at UCL. It began with the intake of around 300 new students who soldiered through a whole fortnight of freshers events from a glamorous boat cruise, through a 3-legged pub crawl ending with a survivors meal and a good laugh at a comedy show run by a RUMS society. It’s clear to see they have embraced true RUMS spirit from day one.

The term also started with the year 3 students graduating their iBSc studies on a beautiful sunny day in the quad, amidst proud families and friends. Many students have embarked on the MBPhD programme since, while others have moved onto their clinical studies.

At one of UCL’s connected hospitals, the Royal Free, a new student hub was opened in September, proving to be incredibly successful. With stylish sofas, free tea and coffee and a workspace, it is being well utilised by students thanks to the generosity of the Royal Free hospital.

Sports and societies are a huge part of the student experience at RUMS and teams are ever-growing and improving. Many sports teams have won matches against their UCL counterparts and recently, the boat club mens noviceĀ team won the UH novice sprints, beating all the other London universities!

As well as keeping physically fit, the teams all did their bit for the community in the form of ‘Naked Calendar’. Students dressed down and got together to raise money for ‘Sue Ryder’, a charity dedicated to caring for people with life-changing illness, providing palliative care and long-term support. RUMS choir are also doing a Christmas concert at the Whittington hospital to help out the local charity.

To finish off a whirlwind term, RUMS winter ball was held at Opal bar by the riverbank, with a turnout of around 300 students. Music, dancing and of course, chocolate fountains, made for a memorable night and a great way to depart for Christmas.

It’s now time for students to enjoy their well-deserved holidays, as they’ll be just as busy in 2014!


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