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What a difference a username and password makes

Here at the Whittington, staff at the UCL Undergraduate Centre have been working closely with

Whittington Hospital

Whittington Hospital

the IM&T department for several years to provide all undergraduate students with much needed access to IT systems used by Trust staff. As a result of this joint effort, UCL students have individualised usernames and passwords and can personally log in and view systems that have pivotal roles in holding valuable patient data, such as patient demographics, blood test results and imaging and pathology related tests.

With this tailored information students can view tests that have been ordered by clinical staff, the progress of the requests and the subsequent results/reports of such tests. In addition to this, the keener students can view appointment times, waiting list entries and even inpatient movements, something that was just recently secured by Dr Caroline Fertleman, site sub-dean. We are constantly on the lookout for new access rights that may substantially aid their learning process and ease the pressure on clinical staff by allowing students to log in independently using their personalised user information. The benefit of this is that students have access to a secure system which they can use safely with fool proof read only access to prevent any data being lost or altered accidently. Our aim is for medical students to become part of a team and to give them a chance to view the systems they will need to familiarise themselves with once they graduate and start work as fresh faced FY1s.

Computing Science (Software Engineering) BScOrganising clinical teaching is not always smooth sailing but ensuring the IM&T department have the relevant details and provide students with their much needed pack on their first day at the Whittington certainly helps. The look of confusion etched on students’ faces when we first mention Anglia ICE (often mistakenly called Angela ICE by 4th years) is regularly met with a look of surprise when they realise what a precious commodity they hold in their hands and the ease in which they can trace their patient’s results and look at scans in future. This ensures patient follow up is a lot easier and actually possible once they source a free Whittington PC. Being able to personally look up electronic patient records and electronic prescriptions ensures students can truly immerse themselves in everyday hospital life and really get stuck in.

All of this would not be possible without Ameena Moosun and the undergraduate team, who have provided approximately 1,500 UCL students (and counting!) access to Trust IT systems. We would like to say a huge thank you to Ameena on behalf of all UCL staff and students at the Whittington.  She has played a pivotal role in ensuring we keep on top of IT services and without her we would not have our precious student packs!

Sally Gowiely

Teaching Administrator (Year 4 Medicine)


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