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Spotlight on Staff

Deborah Lucas-Georgiou Divisional Secretary

Holborn Union Building, Archway

Debbie LGTell me about your role I’m a jack of all trades! My main tasks are with day-to-day finance, working with Pritpal Nagi, looking after Clinical Skills finance with the team there, assisting with the Archway decant, plus any general queries that come up throughout the day – anything from fixing the photocopier to giving first aid! I’m also a health and safety liaison officer, a fire marshal, DEOLO and data protection officer.

I share an office in Archway with Jeannine Attreed and we work well together so I am often helping out with Target Medicine too.

What’s your favourite part of your role? It’s challenging and never boring! Every day is different as I never know who is going to walk into my office with a query, and I certainly have to think on my feet. Also it’s flexible which suits me as I have two young boys – Kieran is 13 and Alex is 9.

What do you find challenging in your role? It can be difficult juggling all my varied duties and prioritising while also trying to handle distractions but I enjoy this and like the challenge of making quick decisions.

What did you do before coming to UCL? What’s your work history? Before UCL I worked for BT for 14 years – first in recruitment, then estates where I was part of a small team looking after 500 people. That’s where I learnt most of my estates knowledge and also met my husband; then I got promoted to customer service manager, and really enjoyed looking after some of our big clients.

I have now been at UCL for 13 years and in the Holborn Union Building at Archway the whole time!  I will soon move to the Royal Free along with the rest of ACME though.

What was your favourite subject at school? English literature and language. I used to read a lot (before the kids arrived!). I also loved drama and art – anything creative. Also I had a crush on my art teacher! I can’t even remember what his name was now…

What would your ideal job be (if money was no object!)? I always wanted to be an actress or a vet! I love animals and enjoy working with lots of people. I went to drama school for a while and was really shy to start with – I think my youngest son takes after me as he currently loves acting, making videos and anything creative!

What do you like to do outside of work? Most of my time is spent organising my husband and two boys. Apart from that I like going to the cinema, cooking meals for my large extended family and going for long walks. I also love swimming – I used to swim all the time and have just got back into swimming regularly which I really enjoy.

I also like helping my close friends out at local charity events, school fetes, volunteering at the sponsored dog walk in Highgate Woods….plus taking part in UCLMS teams at events like the Race for Life and Swimathon. I’m really sociable and love getting involved in things and supporting my friends.

Where is your favourite place to eat / drink / walk in London? There are plenty of large, open, green spaces near to where I live in Palmers Green so I love going for walks locally, taking the kids out, especially on nice sunny days or in the snow.

What 3 things would you take to a desert island? A radio, my kids (if they count as one item) and a blanket – I hate being cold!

Do you have a nickname? My husband calls me Jumbo as I eat too much (according to him)!



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