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Enhancing Scholarship in Medical Education: introducing our two new double doctors

Two senior lecturers at UCLMS have successfully completed their Doctor of Education (EdD) studies in the same week after six years of study alongside their full time jobs.

Both Deborah Gill and Ann Griffin studied the Ed D programme at the Institute of Education (IOE): a programme that aims to foster professional development through research as well as meeting the requirements of rigour and originality expected of a PhD.

Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 10.31.37Deborah’s study concerned the ways in which novice doctors develop their professional identities as they enter work. Ann’s concerned the experiences of the new ‘tribe’ of recently qualified GPs working in new employment patterns in primary care.

Deborah said; “The whole experiences has been ontologically re-orientating for me in my approach to both my work as an educator and to research (now that’s not something I would have even understood, never mind said before I started this programme!). Most importantly it has been challenging but really fulfilling. It is also important to acknowledge the contribution of our colleagues in UCLMS to this. Professor Dacre was happy to support us emotionally and to some extent financially and encouraged us to pursue our own research interests; even if they were not quite in line with the Divisional Research strategy, and countless colleagues tolerated and supported us through muddling along with getting the ‘day job done’ whilst doing this”.  

Ann added “The great strength of undertaking this programme is the relationships we have built up along the way with colleagues at the IOE; from supervisors, to fellow students. These have enabled us to write and publish along the way and forge meaningful research relationships we intend to take forward as we develop our strategic partnership with colleagues at the IOE as both organisations really begin to develop their clinical education research profiles.”

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