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Job Shadowing for support staff

Staff at UCLMS have been participating in the Job Shadowing scheme, run by the Division of Psychology and Language Sciences (PaLS) and led by Cristina Gardini, PaLS HR & CPD Team Manager. This is a pilot scheme supported by the Association of University Administrators and is open to all support staff who would like to shadow a colleague in a similar role, or someone in a role they are interested in.

Below are a few testimonials from those who have participated so far.

Emmy GreenEmmy Green, Divisional Staffing Assistant Administrator

I signed up for the Job Shadowing Pilot Scheme offered through Division of Psychology and Language Science (PaLS) not knowing what to expect. I thought it would be a good opportunity to see how another Division approached HR and Staffing; as well getting out and about within UCL and enjoying a different and new experience.

You apply to take part in the scheme and are able to request what type of role you would like to shadow as well as identifying some work shadowing objectives.  You can also opt in or out of having your own role shadowed. The length you can shadow someone is between ½ a day to a maximum of 3 days as agreed by your line manager and dependent on current deadlines etc.

Once you’ve filled in the application form you are matched up with someone to shadow. I was matched with Molly Bennett, PaLS Divisional Staffing Officer and we initially agreed to meet up for ½ a day. In advance of this you meet with Cristina Gardini, Divisional HR & CPD Team Manager who is leading the pilot scheme to go through aims and objectives.

Wow! I can truthfully say that the afternoon l spent with Molly was one of the most productive, interesting and inspiring few hours l’ve had at work. With the Staffing area in a process of development at UCLMS it was great to see plans for an HR/Staffing intranet already set up and in place in another division. We went though Staffing activities; including Recruitment & Selection, tracking of Probations & Appraisals, comparing and talking through different administrative systems we use to support us with this. I learnt loads and came away feeling like l had a greater perspective and overview about Divisional HR/Staffing,  having seen and talked through different approaches with someone doing a similar job. It was like a booster injection of training in a relaxed, informal setting. I also have a great new contact in Molly who l’ll be keeping in touch with, and has set me up with key knowledge and information to approach HR/staffing initiatives in the pipeline here. 100% recommended!

Heather Mitchell, Divisional Manager        

I was really keen to get involved with the PaLS job shadowing scheme, as I think there are huge benefits in relation to knowledge transfer and sharing of best practice.  I have shadowed one PaLS role and also been shadowed myself, and I found both experiences very interesting and beneficial. In both cases, it really helped to have a brief pre job shadowing meeting to ascertain exactly what the aims and objectives were. It’s interesting to learn how other divisions deal with similar issues and the networking opportunities have also been very helpful as I have made useful new contacts for the future.

This is a short-term investment of time for long-term gains and I would highly recommend it 🙂

Deanne Attreed, PA to Director

I have been greedy and so far shadowed three roles – one in UCLMS and two in PaLS. Within UCLMS I shadowed Gemma Bacon, previously our Finance Administrator, as I wanted to get a better view of how our division’s finances are managed as a whole and how I fitted into that. It was really interesting to see the ‘bigger picture’ as usually my only involvement with finance is raising purchase orders and submitting expense claims so this gave me a much clearer idea of how these slot into the division’s administrative processes.

Personally, I think it’s always really helpful to build networks and share working practices so I have found all aspects of this really beneficial, not to mention enjoyable!

To find out more or apply, please visit the CPD@PaLS webpage or contact Deanne Attreed for more information!


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