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Beauty session – pampering and cake!

We were all in need of a little pick-me-up in January so Jelena Baburina very kindly ran a Beauty Session for us. After work on 30th January Deirdre Wallace, Tina Nyazika, Nicky MathasteinJeannine Attreed and I were drawn to the Huntley St meeting room by the beautiful smell of aromatherapy oils. Jelena had somehow managed to recreate a mini-spa here with candles, incense and a gorgeous display of goodies.

Nicky2We learnt about the different herbs and flowers and how their essences can help us in our daily lives and Jelena also stressed how important it is to take time out from our busy schedules to pamper ourselves – even simple things like going for a walk, having a long soak in the bath or asking a stranger to carry your shopping (apparently they are usually willing!) can help to relieve some of our daily stresses and make us feel human again.

Then the fun began as we learnt how different products could help your skin such as honey, bananas and carrots (yes, carrots). Jelena steamed and cleansed our faces then applied yummy face masks while we sat back, drank tea and ate the amazing chocolate, cream and blueberry cake Jelena had made. After this, it was time for a mini head massage, advice on nailcare and Jeannine was the lucky winner of a full manicure while we sat around chatting, relaxing and polished off the cake.

It was so nice to take some time to just relax and spoil ourselves a little, instead of racing for the tube home as usual, and we all agreed we would love to have another session very soon. Thank you so much Jelena!

Visit our Flickr page for more photos of the beauty session!


By Deanne Attreed



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