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UCLMS Christmas Quiz Night!

UCLMS finished off 2012 in a suitably intellectual way with their Christmas Quiz Night. The evening had a great turnout across the division as well as a guest team from SLMS Planning & Performance Unit. A wonderful job was done by Quizmaster Andrew Whalley and his little helpers Deanne Attreed and Jelena Baburina who all managed to make the evening run smoothly.

Rounds included general knowledge, music, film & TV, UCL and a special ‘Baby Photos’ round. Thanks to all 27 staff who sent in their adorable baby photos for us to guess who’s who!

Teams were picked randomly and were (in winning order):

1st: The Winning Team
2nd: Blue Belles
3rd: Happy Quizmas
Joint 4th: Universally Challenged and The Dream Team
5th: And in First Place
6th: Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis

So well done to the Winning Team and commiserations to Pneumonoultra… etc etc! Everyone agreed it was a thoroughly enjoyable evening and a rematch has already been requested so watch this space.

There are many more photos of the evening for you to view at your leisure!.




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