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Patient and public participation in Medical Education

UCL Medical School strives to include patients and the public in many aspects of the selection, education and assessment of our medical students, and is looking for ways to enhance this vital aspect of our work.

In 2011 the GMC published supplementary advice on PPI following the recommendations from Tomorrow’s Doctors 2009. At the recent GMC Visit, Anita Berlin and Kath Woolf presented the results of a recent qualitative study which explored the views of patients, PPI professionals, patient representatives, advocates, staff and students on PPI in medical education. The results confirmed that “patients and the public are willing and able to help improve the education of future doctors, despite a number of known challenges.”

We are in the process of constructing a new page on the UCL Medical School website to facilitate the recruitment of patients and the public specifically for exams. However, we would like to expand the use of this site to showcase our PPI activities more generally, and make use of the new micro-site for recruitment of patients and the public to other areas of the course. Please could staff who have suitable resources, would like to collaborate on this project, and could make use of the micro-site for areas of the course they teach in get in touch with Laura-Jane Smith, Clinical Teaching Fellow. Thanks.




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