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Student perspective

A student perspective: farewell to 2011-12, welcome to 2012-13

Student perspective: farewell to 2011/12

As staff of one of the best medical schools in the world, it is right that you should know what your students have been up to last year! My role as Junior President meant that I have a lot of contact with the pre-clinical years, focusing on first years. I found this extremely valuable and it was great to become a familiar face, having students feel able to confide in me or ask for help. It is this great family feel of RUMS, and the camaraderie that it establishes with everyone looking out for each other, that in my opinion really sets us apart as a med school.

Freshers’ fortnight was a lot of fun, both for us and the first years. RUMS prides itself on its Freshers’ events, and tonnes of hard work and planning went into them. The two weeks went perfectly and I would confidently say the first years weren’t disappointed. NB For all you Sociologists out there, Max Weber would have had a field day at RUMS Freshers’ week!

It was my job to find module reps to represent first and second years. I received a very strong response and all eighteen positions were filled. It really showed me how much the students care about the education they receive and how important it is for them to feel that their views are valued. I think this is one of the reasons why the medical school is rated so well in the National Student Survey.

Christmas came quickly and of course it was time for the much loved Winter Ball. The cream of the crop donned their dinner suits and headed down to Piccadilly circus.

It is a yearly tradition for the February formatives (mock exams) to send the first years into a panic and this year was no different. The time between this and the Easter holidays is always slightly uneventful for pre-clinical years. We have the comfort of the fast approaching month off from lectures to reassure us when we realise that maybe we haven’t kept as on top of things as we imagined we would, yet with that comes the knowledge that exams will follow shortly. Easter approaches and it soon becomes the norm to be waking up, revising, eating, revising, panicking, and going to sleep. The four weeks somehow shorten into “NOT ENOUGH TIME!” and everyone finds themselves back on campus with more lectures to attend and more material to learn. Exam week turns into a stressful blur, and once they’re finished, the following week is no different (minus the stressful part).

This year’s Summer Ball was held at Hotel Russell, and it was a great way to round off the year. The Finalist Ball was held at the Tower of London. Both were magnificent events involving sit down meals, and were greatly enjoyed by all who came. A big congratulations is needed to the newly graduated doctors and well done to those who have passed exams this year.

I have hugely enjoyed my year as Junior President, not least because I have worked with such a great team, but also because of the involvement it enables within the medical school. I’d like to thank the rest of the RUMS Exec, Neil Chowdhury and Gareth Chan in particular. A big thank you to all the staff who attended the meetings with me and the student reps. And most of all to Carol Farguson for being such a supportive person to work with. I hope you all had as great a year as I did.

Kian Sabzevari, RUMS Junior President 2011/12

Student perspective: welcome to 2012/13

With a new year brings a new team and I am pleased to say that we have another enthusiastic team of medics spanning almost all years of the school on board this year to represent students to all levels at UCL and UCLU. We all look forward to working closely with the Medical School over the coming year and hope it is a fruitful endeavour.

Gareth Chan, RUMS President 2011/12  and 2012/13



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